Strength is absolutely nothing without skill, and that’s the main takeaway from Ginyu-Goku. He doesn't have a maximum power level, Toriyama utterly disregarded that part of Dragonball long ago. In this form Goku's hair and eyes are completely grey. Beerus states that it seems impossible that Goku could defeat Frieza in base. Power levels have to be discussed whenever the situation involving Frieza and Goku is brought up. This is the same battle power that is given for Goku up above. Let's Go Luna! Official Power Levels. Wiki Next will be the DBGT power level list (Boy that is gonna be hard since Toei screws up with the power levels :/). Both Son Goku and Trunks got scanned by some Robot Mutants on planet M2, this scanning is provided by a laser beam that goes over the two Saiyans' bodies and represents the results/information on a computer screen. This means Goku's power more than doubled in just 10 or so months in the ROSAT, since he didn't use the whole year. The Tournament of Power is almost over and Goku has just recently been able to master his Ultra Instinct power up. For the concept of power levels, see Power Level. Ginyu-Goku is the posterboy for Power Levels not mattering in the grand scheme of Dragon Ball. This is a list of known and official Power Levels in the Dragon Ball universe. Power Levels in Dragon Ball GT In Dragon Ball GT episodes 17 and 18 there are referents to power levels measuring. Scouter Levels. "Power levels" redirects here. After Goku went in, Vegeta said Goku was stronger than him when he powered up for Korin, even though he didn't know Goku was only at 50% power. Goku(Full Power)30,000. Despite absorbing Goku’s body, Ginyu cannot access any of Goku’s techniques, making him far weaker than both Gohan and Krillin. ... 0 Super Android 13 Movie Saga Power Levels; 1 Other World Tournament Saga Power Levels; 2 Cooler's Revenge Movie Saga Power Levels; Explore Wikis Universal Conquest Wiki. The only canon power levels we have stopped at the Namek story arc. All of the levels on this list are taken from the manga, anime, movies, the official Daizenshuu guides, games and stated mathematical calculations. His power is level gains a huge boost, though it is extremely damaging to his body. Gogeta (Base): … Vegeta(Injured)18,000. The highest number ever officially read aloud from a scouter is Captain Ginyu's reading of Goku's power level, which after powering up, is 180,000. after the buu saga, powers are based on Theory and multipliers DRAGON BALL CLÁSSICO ... SSJ Goku (power replenished): 3,000,000,000 Gogeta/Vegito Power and others. Because they did not at the time. Power Levels of dragon ball z official (up to DBS). Back in the Cell Arc, Goku was weaker than Vegeta before either one went into the ROSAT. Goku(Training In 50X Gravity)38,500. Whis has said that if he maintains the form for too long, his body could literally explode. But the DBGT power levels are illogical to begin with. Grand Elder-2,000. Jiren (Suppressed) 121 Quintillion Jiren (Fighting Goku) 1.21 Sextillion Jiren (vs Ultra Instinct Goku 1st Omen) 6.05 Sextillion Jiren (Powered Up) 10.5 Septillion Jiren (Full Power) 12.1 Septillion In Daizenshuu 4 , Toriyama said that Goku and Tenshinhan’s battle was his most favorite Tenka’ichi Budōkai fight because “their ability was almost exactly equal”. I changed "The End of DBZ" section a bit so that it would match the up coming DBGT power levels better. But when Goku transformed into Super Saiyan, his power level increased to 150000000. He attacks Goku with superhuman high-level techniques and power, and their contest is nearly even. Great Ape power [edit | edit source] 500,000,000 10x Base Kaio-ken [edit | edit source] 75,000,000 (Kaio-ken) 100,000,000 (Kaio-ken x2; minimum) ... Dragon Ball Power Levels Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. At the time, Goku's power level was as high as 3000000 in his normal form and of course, that wasn't enough against the Evil Emperor. Nail-18,000. Well I guess this is about it. Zarbon's Blast-34,200.

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