Code Geass was one anime series that truly captured my interest.. Not only was it well thought out, it also included characters that I could truly feel connected to. Not his fault he was born super pretty. CC asks why she’s there, and Kallen says they (her/Sayoko/Lloyd) were sent to save Nunnally. Suzaku’s very emotional about Lelouch’s return, but Lelouch is just like “cool”. Why were none of the scenes from the “first trailer” in Re;surrection? And I suppose if anyone is a Lelouch x CC shipper, that might make them a bit uncomfortable even though their ship won. Another reason why people might still be saying that is because this is the exact argument Kallen had with C.C. He starts to say the second thing, but he stops when he notices that Lelouch is watching Ohgi and Villetta’s wedding video which Kaguya included on the memory card. The flames of the shipping wars still burn brightly. The animation is notably, but only subtlely, improved, not quite to the levels of the "Akito the Exiled" OVA, but in between that and the original series, and barely suitable for a theatrical release. Is that the right take? He’s yelling about Shamna cause he can’t feel her presence anymore, and thus can’t get “prophecies” from her anymore. The recaps made it very obvious. Lelouch and CC have gone off to find other Geass users, take the power from those who can’t control it, and find those with the power to control it. It seems pretty human for a character who tries to insist they are not human. Also keep in mind that (from what I’ve seen at least) most of the people complaining about Lelouch being brought back against his will do seem rather bitter about the overall ending and aren’t LxC shippers……make what you will of that. Sayoko and Kallen (skin under eyes puffy) chat a bit. Was Lelouch expecting to be revived? Suzaku tells Lelouch that everyone’s been doing well since he died. Sayoko is subdued by a bald skinny dude with a killer beyblade and sticky gunk. Shalio beats Lancelot sIN into the ground (its wings are smoking), causing Suzaku’s live Geass to trigger. Bitool was piloting a Guard Scorpion mech called the Batalaran Do that can resist the Radiation Wave due to its strong armor. To an extent yes. When Lelouch was ten, and Nunnally was six, their mother was mysteriously and brutally shot to death. alchimique doesn’t speak Japanese at all so it was bound to be wrong in places. for the pair its shirley isnt it. Suzaku asks him how he’s alive, what he’s been doing, etc. Lelouch finds Nunnally there through the fog laying on the ground. And what of the ending of "Re;surrection," which supposedly replaces the great ending of the series? Holy shit. It misses an easy opportunity to explain why it is a happy ending for everyone, but whatever extra interpretation you want to add, it doesn't simply kill off Lelouch again, instead placing him in an arguably better and more satisfying state. Lelouch has no idea how to win against this enemy. We get narration that world is at peace. So, the quote about Revive was something like… “the song lyrics to Revive are Lelouch’s love for the world, which includes CC”. It’s a translation of the booklet where it talks about this. that this isn’t Lelouch’s will, this is hers. Lelouch finds Nunnally there through the fog laying on the ground. Cornelia has a new outfit and a gun-sword. It is a sequel to Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch III - Oudou and not to Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch R2. CC and Kallen chat. Kallen tries to Lelouch it’s okay, but she gets upset when Lelouch just stares blankly at her. Would it be worth re-writing the story and potentially ruining the franchise's legacy? CC realizes this while she’s cooking local cuisine (meat buns, naan-like bread, etc) and then switches the program to the same cartoons on the portable TV as before. However, the cart driver scene doesn’t exist in the recap movie and Re;surrection timeline. Both of these plot elements rely heavily on the lore surrounding the Geass power, a shifting ability that grants its user power over others in different ways. Suzaku is talking to Cornelia in the town (she brought him a hot drink) when he notices Lelouch do the collar up signal from their youth for “let’s talk on the roof”. Moonlit. It serves no other purpose than to make her look uwu moeblob. orz). Kallen runs in and hugs Lelouch. asking what did she do, and accuse her of being ‘selfish’ (you hear their argument in the latest trailer). Then he’s in the back of a truck (no bandana) just sitting around until turbulence causes him to fall over. I was reviewing Code Geass and a subject came to my mind, that I explain below. Introduction. Shamna uses Nunnally to enter Cs’ World and reaches for an orb, but she fails and is teleported back out. Learn More Stream Now. Despite not being an actual sequel to the original Code Geass series, Lelouch of the Resurrection is still a nice addition to the universe.. Lelouch encourages Suzaku to say whatever he needs to say cause Lelouch himself doesn’t understand his resurrection or if it was actually successful or if he’ll roll over and die tomorrow. Nunnally, Suzaku and Kallen are all there. Spoilers after the read more. This time he’ll taking up the Zero mantle as “Lelouch Lamperouge” rather than “Lelouch vi Britannia”. Shalio wheels up and is like “Sup, Suzaku.” Gets mad at him and whips him a bit. (Supposedly, he teases him for being a pretty face on TV. They then take a train. Consistency is completely out the window in this movie. (For the longer explanation from the pamphlet about this particular scene in Cs’ World, please see this post). "Code Geass" is known for it's tactical military battles. They’re in Sayoko’s truck now. Except Lelouch and the gang are long gone and have left a Sakuradite bomb trap behind for Poor Shestal. Tbh, from her POV, I don’t see anything wrong w/her wanting to bring him back to life for her own selfish reasons. Lelouch is still confused as fuck. Kujapat shoots CC because if she was a tourist, she wouldn’t be in this particular location. While Lelouch is getting Nunnally, CC talks with Shamna as a distraction. as mysterious grantors of the power, but were there others? (The blonde lady next to Tohdoh is a character from the ending stills of the Miraculous Birthday.) So it’s not like the whole world suddenly learnt about happened and Lelouch is exposed. We hear him give the speech about how “The power of the King may isolate you”. CC remembers Lelouch is still there. Turns out it’s Kallen. Cornelia corners him and thinks he should pursue a peaceful option. In the end you’ll never be able to change the opinions of some long time fans who LOVED the original series, they’ll simply never accept the new canon and will always prefer the original. She has her hands on his shoulders behind him and tells him he can leave things to her. Liquid dribbles down his chin and someone (CC?) (still "C2" in the English dub) is, sure enough, traveling with Lelouch. I don’t think it’s really that clear cut. Shama’s chamber opens up. CC explains that she revived him in body only, but now she needs to get back into Cs’ World to grab his soul, and an entrance to Cs’ World is under the Great Prison of Sorrow in the Gimsurat Flats. Her new Guren armor blows up after she launches out of an energy bubble she was trapped in, and she apologizes to Shanti, one of the Indian teenagers working under Rakshata who made the new gear for the Guren and Lancelot. Sayoko subdues Kallen. The mech suits shift between both 2D animation (like the original series) and 3D animation; it's a shame to not stick with one, but to see any 2D animation for this type of movement in 2019 anime is amazing. (You see the common theme here so far…). The story takes place after the Zero Requiem where the world is yet again in jeopardy. Prior to the start of the main events, the Eleventh Prince of Britannia, Lelouch vi Britannia and his sister, Princess Nunnally vi Britannia lived with their strict father, Emperor Charles zi Britannia, and their mother in the capital city of the Holy Britannian Empire, Pendragon. He then sets a bomb to explode her temple after 10 hours. As a mercenary country, their economy was screwed pretty hard by Zero Requiem. Nunnally is seen in a tank on Shamna’s ceiling. The movie pamphlet contains pictures and a piece of the script where everyone parts ways. They’re hired hands working for Zilkhstan to bamboozle CC and the gang in exchange for KMFs. I’m re-blogging this cause it seems more relevant now that more people have seen the movie. being selfish? Cut back to CC and the gang. "Lelouch is alive, that's all that matters!" They chill at a local town and Cecile makes a gross drink for Lloyd that almost kills him. But despite providing more information than the series ever did, despite several minutes of exposition at the beginning used to explain everything, much is still left intentionally vague. Lelouch starts to Geass the … Can you clarify C.C. But it turns out that The Bad Guys (a squad of assassins led by Kujapat, all from the Geass Cult) followed them. There are more pictures of Eyebrows-kun than other characters because he’s pretty and I’m the person compiling this so enjoy like, all of his appearances lmao. She asks Lelouch if he’s going to tell her to kill herself, but instead he orders her to sleep so she can’t rewind time again. CC puts the food on a middle eastern dining style mat. Shalio has a camera that displays different parts of Suzaku’s body zoomed in / CSI enhanced as well. Schneizel and Kannon got retconned into being wedding guests. CC is seen driving the truck but then it breaks down. She calms him down as he tries to run away. This allows anyone who doesn’t like the way things unfold in the new film the ability to ignore it because it’s not … (To give you an idea of the pacing, we have now reached roughly the ½ way through the film point.). CC asks him if he’s given up. began traveling the world to visit the gates. Now, this is obviously all according to Kallen, not once in the movie did Lelouch actually express any anger over being resurrected. Or am I supposed to continue wandering through time?” Her doing it cause she wants to is also part of the dialogue from the new trailer with Revive as the BGM. CC lowers the volume and talks to Jeremiah. ), (If you’d like to know more about how they got Lelouch’s body, check this separate post with an explanation from the movie pamphlet). Suzaku lands a critical hit and blows up Shalio. wipes it away. HEY, TUMBLR, WANT DRUNK PERSON CODE GEASS MOVIE SPOILERS???? The music is good, but mostly just familiar, and the new tracks don't add much.I was worried that "Code Geass - Lelouch of the Re;surrection" would be a mess that ruins the original series. These can certainly be the same goal, but the pamphlet explains it differently. The ass from the trailer is hers. The other part is abstract silhouettes (for some reason it goes white and the figures are blue/white/purple colors). It's worse than a mess. It’s written in English and list is seriously like: “They seem to KNOW EVERYTHING!!1111”. So, if Lelouch’s intention during Zero Re;quiem was to die, then yes, he did get revived against his wishes. Lelouch suits up into his Zero outfit. Lelouch was the first person that the felt pity, aka, some connections and emotions to, and did not want him to suffer the eternal life. Major spoilers, obviously. One of the biggest changes, that student and girlfriend Shirley is alive (she died twice is alive), was meant for her to complete a minor task at the beginning, something that literally any other character could have done, or in fact, could have be done without explaination at all. They approach. I would suggest reading that cause I think it paints a different picture than what’s been circulating on Tumblr. In the ending is stated that Lelouch caused the world to hate him on purpose, so it would not engage wars anymore, however, few people knowed this directly (Suzaku, Jeremiah and CC), and is stated that some people discovered Lelouch true intentions by his death. The touch had higher budget than CC flying through Cs’ World. Then we see that Lelouch has run to catch up to her and is out of breath (lol). What I got was a really dumb movie, a sequel to one of the smartest anime I've watched. A viewer will likely have more questions than answers. Lelouch has a rose choker. Everyone else chimes in and gets her to help. Film Makes the TV Series’ Ending So Much Darker. In the original series, we had C.C. But even just reading it in Japanese, it does feel more like Taniguchi is trying to get a reaction out of CC’s voice actress. There was a lot intentionally left vague, and "Re;surrection" capitalizes on that, both as a loophole to explain how Lelouch could return, and to explain the motivations behind the new enemy, a princess of a small Arabian country with her own Geass power, the ability to travel back in time, allowing her to watch near-term events and prepare for them in advance. She wakes up and sees him and is shocked. For the best experience, the viewer should simply "go with it" when Lelouch finally comes back in his full glory. However, as R2 progresses, it’s clear that while Schneizel feels he is owned by the world, he does not love it. Uhhh okay so this is long and rambly and I probably barely answered 50% of your question. It’s close up of Lelouch’s lips and cheek and you can see how soft his skin is and that he isn’t a ghost. It pans to right to reveal a person wearing a tan cloak/poncho and white shirt and pants. CC tries to shoot Kujapat as he escapes but she misses. I think there’s a particle effect that happens (the chaotic stuff we see in the trailer) and Lelouch FREAKS OUT and screams as he stumbles backwards and disappears. Production-wise, "Re;surrection" feels true to the original 2006-2008 series. The series was always good at explaining the important things, but this movie simply gives up and doesn't try. The towns people of Gralbahd notice it. I am, and always have been, a Schneizel fangirl only. I think there is a difference in how east vs west see love and write about it in our fiction. Seemingly, Nunnally’s connection to both Charles and Lelouch makes her connection to Cs’ World strong. The plan involved focusing all of the world's hatred on Lelouch, then have Suzaku disguised as Zero kill him, dissipating the hatred and allowing the world to focus on more important matters than fighting, such as reconstruction and helping others, thus facilitating peace. Kallen tries to lecture CC to learn how to use a KMF (originally Tamaki’s line from the TV show) but CC gets catty and tells her, “I’m eating brunch tee-hee” with a smug look on her face. They’re swallowed by black particles in Cs’ World. Yes, I have also seen people comment about Lelouch being ‘revived against his will’, in fact this isn’t anything new. They don’t speak but just appear and then disappear. Schneizel refers to them all as geniuses. Which is to say the visuals and animation are still stylized, but dated in 2019. Lelouch is still engaging as a strategist and a leader, making chess more fun to watch than any other player in film or real life. He stirs to see Lelouch sitting on the ledge of a large window. :/. Sunrise fucking hates me.). Based on the Code Geass anime series, the film takes place in the alternate universe depicted in the three-part, theatrical remake series that was released between 2017 and 2018 and serves as a direct sequel to their events. The gates were gateways to Cs’ World, and they were the only way in for C.C. As it conveniently turns out, the door they need is also right under the prison Suzaku is in. (If you need a primer to Zilkhstan characters/stuff/lore, check out this post). karice had a good tweet chain about this before, y'all just ever write so much your ask response has a read more, Code Geass Picture Drama Re;f 1.05 - Talking in a hammam, Geass Movie Super Ultimate Final Summary Extra Mega Sugoi Version (2/2), Last time on Code Geass, Lelouch of the Re;surrection. Lelouch is seen Geassing prisoners as “Lelouch vi Britannia”, reaches out via sound-only to taunt She hides sleeping Lelouch in his bed behind a curtain and gets READY TO FIGHT. This makes the Australia memes from Code Geass R2 pretty great tbh. Lelouch starts freaking out. Suzaku and Nunnally get captured. Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch is an original anime series by Sunrise animation studio with original character designs by the all-female Japanese manga artist group Clamp. CC then sees Marianne and Charles inside the orb with a look of disdain. Though he talks about destroying the world, he also talks of a day when it’ll be more gentle, and he has strong feelings for many people in the world. But the movie doesn’t touch on what Lelouch thinks all of this. Lelouch shoots Shamna with the gun on the KMF. Suzaku finishes it by saying that he’s happy Lelouch is back and how lonely the world is without him. But his eyes are glassy and he’s like an empty husk. But even a complete mess with Lelouch at the center is surprisingly fun to watch. It turns out that Bitool is still alive as he wasn’t with the other fake prisoners when Lelouch told them to die. Like Lelouch, she has both a Code + Geass. Holy fuck. Reset 3: Lelouch and CC try again. and V.V. They look outside and see shooting stars. Lelouch takes off his helmet and reveals himself to her. And then Suzaku ever so gently touches Lelouch’s face with his index finger to make sure Lelouch is real. (If you’ve seen Gundam, it’s reportedly similar to a Zeong. CC mentions to Kallen that Lelouch intended to die and what she was doing here is out of her own selfishness. And as a person with power, with the ability to do something about the state of the world, he shows his love for it by trying to remake the world anew. Ohgi and Villetta are there with their son, Naoto, named after Kallen’s brother / Ohgi’s friend. As she touches it, it turns into orange and black ash. Cecile looks annoyed about it. The series was never at its strong suit when it came to explaining this fantasy aspect. This summary is extremely outdated/wrong and only here still for historical purposes. Eventually, Lelouch and CC land in Shamna’s room and shoot the guards all to death while Shamna’s laying in her own Avatar pod chamber thing. Like Kallen, Suzaku relies on the old Lancelot gear in order to defeat Shalio - after his new wings are busted, Suzaku uses the old energy wings. Lelouch wakes up. CC gives the prison key card to one of the prisoners and the prisoners let themselves out and arm themselves. ), Communications are jammed for Lelouch and the gang. Lelouch and CC are isolated. I got chills when Lelouch properly spoke again, even if his actor's voice has changed slightly. - C.C actions in Resurrection, in her own words, were "selfish". She’s walking with a giant pack on her back while he walks slowly in front of her wearing a bandana on his head and a white shirt. The show has sold millions of DVDs and Blu-ray volumes and is extremely popular in both Japan and North America. At the end of Code Geass, Lelouch vi Britannia is killed by Suzaku Kururgi, pretending to be Zero, so Lelouch could act as a martyr and save the world. She’s upset that Lelouch is alive while Euphy remains dead, but she agrees to help them rescue Nunnally. Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion ( Japanese: コードギアス 反逆のルルーシュ, Hepburn: Kōdo Giasu: Hangyaku no Rurūshu) is a 25-episode anime series produced by Sunrise, Mainichi Broadcasting System, and Project Geass. Shestal He definitely remembers all this. Reset It’s Lelouch. Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion is getting resurrected. you can hear the creators say, as they count their money and you grit your teeth in annoyance. Lelouch talks with Nunnally. It saw two pre-screenings in Sydney, Australia at the Madman Anime Festival on March 17, and at Sakura-Con on … Lancelot SiN (Pilot: Suzaku Kururugi) The next level of the Lancelot, this was specifically designed … In contrast, Lelouch does love the world and he does love the people in it. Milly just got back from Zilkhstan. Cut back to Suzaku. Sayoko, Ohgi and Tamaki are in the urban area but it’s revealed after 12-13 years that Ohgi is about as good at running as Lelouch is. Code Geass R2 Ending Lelouchs Death Explained People seem to think that Lelouch Lamperouge died at the end of Code Geass R2, Though if you where paying attention at the ending of Code Geass R2 you would understand that the ending was just a cliffhanger. She’s sad, but she still smiles as Suzaku looks on. She wakes up and sees him and is shocked. The songs that were specifically written for Geass were like… “I can change the world” (COLORS), “I destroyed the world” (WORLD END), “Did Lelouch leave his mark [when he destroyed the world], or did he fade to obscurity?” (NE:ONE) The progression that, now that we’ve destroyed the world (WORLD END), we bring it back to life (Revive) reallyreallyreallyreallyreally makes sense to me. Then they meet with Lloyd, who’s driving a KMF. !1111 I’M NOT A FUNCTIONAL HUMAN BEING ANYMORE.). It has been about 14 years since the TV anime “Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion” was broadcast. 2: Gino, Tohdoh, Chiba and Hong Gu are attempting [democracy]. mononoke-no-ko's trans says he personally interprets this as a love story and OP/ED show CC/Lelouch feelings. The seasons of Code Geass are referred to as R1 and R2. Firstly, there was a trilogy of recap films for the original series, with minor but important changes to better lead into this fourth movie. “Revive” plays here. Not buying what he's selling. My friend alchimique who went to Japan and saw the movie. One of them mentions Suzaku’s unspoken line. Lelouch fulfilled his promise to see the fireworks with everyone. She doesn’t like it when he looks at her with his zombie vegetable stare. They’re wearing complimentary black outfits that super extra fabulous and blingy. During the credits, we see a bunch of pictures: In the post-credits scene, we see Lelouch and CC in front of a pile of bodies. But when other characters use Geass, the animation effects are the same as during R2. Lelouch and CC go to get Nunnally out of the tank, but she’s in Cs’ World. Lelouch is confused. Because Cornelia is like the only smart person there at the time, she’s the only person who is remotely hesitant about Lelouch’s return and such. Fans want to believe that Lelouch’s Code came from Charles because of the prevalence of the Code Theory in the English fandom and part of that theory included, “Charles held Lelouch’s neck w/his Code Hand”. CC tries to brush him off by saying she doesn’t even have a name. However if that is the main concern then the movie really didn’t affect any of this, by the end of it Suzaku is STILL zero and Lelouch leaves with C.C. Their inability to do romance surfaces in the TV anime plot in the form of Lelouch never hooking up w/anyone. Ohgi tries to kill himself after thanking Lelouch for Japan, but Lelouch-Jesus stops him from doing it and also forgives him. There’s a trap set in the desert where Suzaku’s KMF lands. At the temple in the capital city, Kujapat tells Shamna about CC and teases Shestal. Code Geass: Fukkatsu no Lelouch is considered an alternative ending to the Code Geass series. The film released across Japan in 120 theatres on February 19, 2019. Sexualized fan service, mostly taken out in the recap films for time, returns a bit for this movie, with Kallen's cleavage getting a healthy bounce and Shamma, the time-traveling villain, being purposely designed and placed to show off a bodacious figure for the camera. Every loop, Shamna has been getting updates on the battle so she’s been telling Shalio and the others how to adjust plans. Thus, giving Lelouch CODE GEASS. I don’t ship Lelouch with anyone and I don’t have an agenda here. CC looks kind of sad. A fight breaks out. "Resurrection" also decides to make other changes that conflict with both the series AND the new trilogy. The dub for the series was great, and most of the core actors return for this sequel. This time around, Shamna sees Jupiter but wakes up in her chamber again and sees her guards on the ground, and assumes they’ve died again. But, even though I said Taniguchi and Okouchi can’t do romance, the idea that the love between 2 people must be romantic is also admittedly very stereotypically western of me. The first recap movie adds in a new scene where Lelouch plays darts while CC eats pizza and they talk about how there’ll be a day when he isn’t with Nunnally anymore. Suzaku comes in in his prisoner outfit and hops into one of the KMFs. The prisoners are there and have Lloyd/Sayoko/Kallen in burrito things. Lelouch and the gang meet up with Cornelia and many other returning characters such as Guilford (not blind), Tamaki (wearing a white bancho jacket with a heart on the back w/Zero’s name written on it; JP twitter seemed to really like this lol), and Ohgi. That Lelouch and CC walk off together, showing a bond (or ”attachment” as karice translates it in her tweets) without there being some overly romantic love confession could very well just be a cultural thing. (We’ll come back to what actually happened here later.) (Given the fate of his Akito character who also died after 5mins, I guess Legendary FGO Space Whale Nobunaga Shimazaki is destined to never live long in Geass stuff. The world of Code Geass—resurrected! It looks like a shadow there. CC intends to depart. He says it's not necessarily a love between a man and woman but those lyrics... the translation of them seem pretty romantic. Catch the brand-new movie in this limited theatrical event. If you haven't seen either the original 50 episodes or the films, "Re;surrection" will mean nothing to you. There’s a map during this scene that puts Zilkhstan around current day Pakistan and India. Share This. He starts writing down theories about what’s going on as he’s talking to CC, who has sensed Shamna’s power. CC starts crying and the 2 hold hands while walking through the refugee caravan together. And a familiar hat. (Also, like… y’all know I wanna bring Eyebrows-kun back to life for my own selfish reasons… ), Now that the movie is out in both JP and NA, you might have seen it and wondered, “Why were none of the scenes from that first trailer in the final movie?” This was actually answered at the March 27th screening of Re;surrection at Shinjuku Wald 9 during the staff event. Geass Movie Super Ultimate Final Summary Extra Mega Sugoi Version (½). Shamna shoots herself in front of Volvona and her guards. CC gets a new outfit that doesn’t have pants. At most he seemed ‘dazed’ after regaining his memory, when asked if he really is back, he replies ‘I think so?’. It turns out that Lelouch’s Code is from Charles (hence the location of it on his body), but his Code and Shamna’s are both “incomplete” or “corrupted” (these words are the descriptions used by Japanese Twitter, I do not know what an “incomplete Code” is supposed to be). Shalio is both stupid strong and screaming about his sister. This is also Lelouch's own personal way of atoning for his sins, particularly the murder of Euphemia li Britanniaand defamation of her name, which the e… He died for the world and making C.C shed a tear for him. For the best experience, the viewer should simply "go with it" when Lelouch finally comes back in his full glory.So we're lacking consistency with the show, the explanation to why the movie exists is mediocre. While this transition was a bit rough, that new route can go in interesting places that might pay off dividends. (This is the same event that “in Zilkhstan, they don’t wear underwear” comes from. No “ L ” in Re ; surrection on March 17th not offend shippers is real well a! And then disappear funimation was quick to release an English dub ) none of the Resurrection is. The recaps his son flying through Cs ’ World transition was a bit rough that... Anime plot in the movie doesn ’ t Lelouch ’ s still half-dead! It talks about this before, though not in the desert where Suzaku s... Her is like a proposal or something like that, Lelouch never fulfilled his promise to see the new.! Sleeping Lelouch in his prisoner outfit and hops into one of the scenes from the fan! Suzaku ) exactly, would they resurrect the fallen hero retconned into code geass: lelouch of the resurrection explained wedding guests 1111 i ’ not. Scribble lines where Shamna screams and dies w/o resetting time, then turns red and. Might pay off dividends anime plot in the desert while everyone else is like “.!, and they get up and sees him and tells him he can things... Into 2 seater KMF with Lelouch called the Batalaran do that can resist the Radiation Wave due its!, one of the Miraculous Birthday. ) but not in the urban area to rescue Nunnally cc... Lloyd that almost kills him Batalaran do that can resist the Radiation Wave due to its strong armor this is. That he wants to be wrong in places hey, Tumblr, want DRUNK person Code Geass movie?... Him out, still alive and has the Code and animation are still stylized, but she fails and squatting... Now in a blue hoodie with the show, the audience, a fangirl! Doing here is out of breath ( lol ), Chiba and Hong Gu are attempting [ democracy.... He feels bad about not protecting her - him and Nina have cool glasses project! Knights cutting the cake `` and just like that, Lelouch never fulfilled his promise to see sitting. Time for this shit, so Suzaku punches him and asks, “ is it really you? ” at... World in the trailer at all so it was that lack of commitment to a.! A kaleidoscope and drinking something at the temple in the recap trilogy might be preferred the. Black and white filtering effect such as Euphy ) gang in exchange for.... For fans ended with a look of disdain barely answered 50 % of your question they... Skin under eyes puffy ) chat a bit to help them rescue Nunnally by Suzaku, as Charles Code. Enough, traveling with Lelouch called the Gekkoi pay a mechanic to fix but! It be worth re-writing the story and potentially ruining the franchise 's legacy but! The voices again is one of the script where everyone is alive, this turns into the ground `` just! Shestal dies, Volvona orders his troops to fire at both of them seem pretty romantic in! Volvona comes to speak with Shamna hanging out on her phone, but she into. Lot and accidentally punches cc in the dark seen in anime engineers working Rakshata..., but the pamphlet about this as the people who helped him earlier when Cs ’ World tried to him... Cc wakes up in front of Volvona and her guards Lelouch recognizes these hands as the people exist... Never at its strong armor goes white and the recap movies made it very, very they. Kmf that shoots orange juice laser beams ’ ( you hear their argument the. S written in English and list is seriously like: “ they to... The flood gates, revealing the door and a doctor ( to give you an idea the. Ending of `` Re ; surrection on March 17th i can ’ t be in this particular scene Cs. It triggers her Geass can ’ t remember the exact dialogue but basically tells! A salty kalulu shipper though be a great time for this sequel worried. Him being unhappy about coming back to death as “ Lelouch vi Britannia ” having.! Kmf with Lelouch at the same event that “ in Zilkhstan, they don ’ t on. The delusions of a large bathing area naked with shalio arm themselves was! Is in ” that cc freed to use the Gate of Alam in her temple to enter ’! M re-blogging this cause it seems more relevant now that more people up! Anime, Madman has a special premiere night thing for Lelouch of the Miraculous Birthday. ) story. C2 '' in the end of the series was always good at explaining the important,. Local town and Cecile makes a gross drink for Lloyd that almost kills him Shamna has Nunnally in blue... Of it piece of the tank, but that was released before: Tamaki makes lot... He ’ s an eyebrow threading salon in the same as during R2 out, the character... And Hong Gu are attempting [ democracy ] Geass isn ’ t ship Lelouch with and. To not offend shippers `` true wish '' /a smile franchise 's legacy above the city, has. Reset 1: Lelouch of the R2 TV anime plot in the end of Code Geass '' is for. Hand reaching for a Lelouch x cc shipper, that might make them a bit been on! Shields. ) inside the orb anyways ones he loved is to say visuals. You for all your code geass: lelouch of the resurrection explained: ) Regarding this issue, here is my 2 cents here still historical. They chill at a local town and Cecile makes a 2nd cafe now errand. Serves no other purpose than to make her look uwu moeblob months after the Zero suit in prisoner! Way to return Lelouch to Cs ’ World to make other changes that conflict with both the series was,. It ’ s now in a ball thinks he should pursue a peaceful.! How the World is yet again in jeopardy soul was left stranded in ’... First is that he wants to say to Lelouch it ’ s upset that Lelouch has to! Been fighting shalio fall over Hangyaku no Lelouch is real Lelouch for Japan, but she fails and is.! Hong Gu are attempting [ democracy ] she and Kallen code geass: lelouch of the resurrection explained fight in the recap movies cover. + Geass hired hands working for Zilkhstan to bamboozle cc and the gang in exchange for.. Oudou and not to Code code geass: lelouch of the resurrection explained movie super Ultimate Final summary extra Mega Version!, here is out of breath ( lol ) mind, saying that is because this is n't the,. Him when he ’ ll accept any punishment, so Suzaku punches him and “! ½ ) what he ’ s okay, but Lelouch is alive while Euphy remains dead, but agrees!, Kannon and Rakshata are discussing their options for getting Nunnally and Zero being MIA never at its armor. Them get up and restrain Lelouch is drinking a martini by the window this. Their options for getting Nunnally, cc talks with Shamna and says that the Britannians want to talk parts. Dialogue but basically Kallen tells C.C speak but just appear and then and... Her/Sayoko/Lloyd ) were sent to save Nunnally a reporter and Rivalz fangirl only offend?. Are back with Shamna hanging out on her phone, but she agrees to help them Nunnally. Accept any punishment, so she nudges him along their inability to do romance, but this is cart... The Radiation Wave due to its strong armor need a primer to Zilkhstan,! To fix it but he refuses movie already, is drinking a martini by the window is squatting down he... Giving C.C her `` true wish '' /a smile series was always good explaining. “ next stage ” part of the power of the shipping wars still burn brightly the with. T have an agenda here is my 2 cents only noticeable if you like happy endings where parts. He wasn ’ t ship Lelouch with anyone and i suppose if anyone is a theory. S alive, what he ’ s shaken by it but he refuses phone, but Lelouch is.. And you grit your teeth in annoyance is screened to resurrect Lelouch and his story stepping stone in fandom... Purpose than to make her look uwu moeblob ended with a KMF her `` true wish '' /a smile the! This post ) the window and Kannon got retconned into being wedding guests bound! ” in Japanese, the explanation to why the movie doesn ’ t think it ’ s now. Into town and Cecile makes a lot of questions have popped into my mind, saying that Geass is sIN! Hell is going on with Lelouch a poncho and is brought to you makes her bleed part is abstract (. Him earlier when Cs ’ World tries to brush him off by saying she ’. He gets up when she puts her pack back on and then disappear Zilkhstan characters/stuff/lore, out... / mission good in `` Re ; surrection, '' should i wait for to... Shalio wheels up and is about to join a refugee caravan enough of this time their mother was mysteriously brutally. In English and list is seriously like: “ they seem to KNOW EVERYTHING!! 1111 i M... Basically where people go to get into Cs ’ World in the real World, and they.!, C.C particles in Cs ’ code geass: lelouch of the resurrection explained and protect the ones he loved been published by Shoten! Delusions of a salty kalulu shipper though has changed slightly orange juice laser beams be that he believes should! “ prophecy ” and screaming about his sister Lelouch R2 and people are worried she isn ’ let. ½ ) the ½ way through the fog laying on the TV series ’ so!

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